About Us

Hi, I am Coach O. First and Foremost I like to thank you for your time. Since you are  visiting our site,  I have to tell you that reaching your fitness goals are going to take hard work and persistence. That is where One Star Fitness shines bright, we have Certified Trainers that are passionate and live the Fit Lifestyle. With a science based approach we will guide you to your goals in a safe and fun way.

Meet The Team​

Fully committed to Seeing people reach their fitness goals. Head Trainer is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Trainer with an Associate Degree in Physical Education and Exercise Science. Head Trainer is also a USA Level One Boxing Coach with over Twenty years of experience working with people at various fitness levels.

Coach O


Associate degree in Physical Education and Exercise Science. Certified NASM Personal Trainer and USA Boxing Coach.

Arthur Lee


Ace Certified sports Performance.